Join Schlumberger, QRI Group, Longpoint Minerals, Enverus and Other Forward-Thinking Leaders to Discuss the Current State of The Oil & Gas Industry, Embrace Disruption, Identify Opportunities and Plan the Future   San Antonio, December 13, 2019: as the oil and gas industry faces another period of unprecedented disruption, the country’s energy leaders will...

Having your work cited by the Texas Supreme Court in a majority opinion is among the highest honors a lawyer can enjoy. In their recent decision in Murphy Exploration & Prod. Company - USA v. Adams, the Texas Supreme Court cited my 2013 St. Mary’s Law Review article “Old Oil and New Laws”as authority that Texas cannot blindly apply old laws to new facts; rather, oil and gas law must adapt in order to stay relevant to a modernizing oil and gas industry.

Holliday Energy Law Group is looking for candidates to join our growing team, primarily to assist in preparation of Oil and Gas Title Opinions. Candidates must be admitted to practice law in at least one of the following states: Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, New Mexico, or Ohio.