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Bridging the gap between the attorney and landman with a sole focus on oil & gas.


To create massive, outsized value.
What does that mean?

Value is defined as, “the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.” At the Holliday Energy Law Group, we strive to create massive, outsized value in everything we do, including in ways that make us indispensable to our clients, partners and team members.

How do we express it?

We deliver more than just legal advice. Most people think of us as a law firm that advises clients on oil and gas title, regulatory, and operational issues, but what we really do is…

  • We advance careers for the people (clients) at the companies we work with. We do this by consistently placing their projects in a position to succeed.
  • We create a competitive advantage for the companies we work with. We do this primarily by identifying and mitigating legal risks with practical solutions so that the client can focus on creating value.
  • We seek to create massive outsized value. Our value as a firm is directly proportional to the value we create for others.

We Get Your Wells Drilled

Core Values

Our core values are more than words—they’re our compass. They teach us to see challenges as opportunities, act with intelligence, take responsibility, serve selflessly, and move forward as a united force. Here, we don’t just talk values; we live them.

The Obstacle is the Way

Obstacles or challenges do not block the path forward; they are the path forward. Face them objectively and seize the opportunity they present.

Take Ownership

Each team member “owns” everything in their world – the problem and the solution. No excuses. No blame. All responsibility for success or failure ultimately rests on your shoulders.

Be Smart

Seek the emotional intelligence to understand the dynamics of yourself, the people around you, and how the things you say and do will impact them.

A Duty to Serve

As successful professionals, we have a duty to give back to the communities – professional and personal – that have allowed us to thrive.

Cover and Move

Teamwork. Always seek to understand your role in the process, who you support, who supports you, and how you can more effectively leverage those networks to create better outcomes.

High Motor

We consistently do what it takes to make it happen.


Ben Holliday

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Prior to founding Holliday Energy Law Group, Ben entered the oil and gas industry as a landman in South Texas before moving in-house to join the Barnett Shale Asset Team of a Midland-based E&P. With the decline of the Barnett and the rise of the Eagle Ford, Ben became the project leader in charge of an approximate 30,000 acre Eagle Ford asset in Karnes and Atascosa Counties, leading all title, leasing, and curative efforts within the prospect area. Since 2010, Ben has focused on representing exploration and production companies in their operations across the United States.

Ben is Board Certified in Oil, Gas, and Mineral Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He is a member of the State Bar College, is the Immediate Past President of the San Antonio Association of Professional Landmen, is a founding board member of South Texas Landman & Lawyer Clays, and is the current Sponsorship Chair and Immediate Past President for the San Antonio Chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organization. He is licensed to practice law in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Ohio, and Illinois, and is a member of the local San Antonio, Houston, and Permian Basin Associations of Professional Landmen, as well as the AAPL.

  • Ben is the past president of both SAAPL and EOSan Antonio
  • Ben is not the sponsorship chair or on the board
  • He is licensed to practice law in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Wyoming, Ohio, and Illinois

2022 Texas Oil & Gas Case Law Update

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