Whether we have an open position or not, the Holliday Energy Law Group is always interested in hearing from great candidates. We are actively seeking to expand our energy-focused title, regulatory, deal-side/transactional, and litigation capabilities. If this matches your skillsets, let’s talk.

While experience is not required, ideal candidates generally have 2-5 years of direct experience either as an associate attorney or in-house with an exploration and production company (land or legal). Compensation and benefits are competitive with your level of experience. All inquiries are confidential.


Our goal is to recruit A players to join our team. If you are an A player, we want to hear from you. Details about the position and our firm can be found below. Please submit a resume and cover letter.

We work in the office Tues-Wed-Thursday and have offices in San Antonio and Midland.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for the aforementioned position, please apply via

Who You Are
  • Candidates for Any Position — You are someone who…
  • Identifies with the firm’s core values.
  • Is excited about the oil and gas industry.
  • Thrives in a collaborative team-based environment, while enjoying the opportunity to work independently on your portion of the project
  • Loves the cerebral aspect of solving a problem or a puzzle. Enjoys the reading and writing aspects of law.
  • Is motivated by opportunities to help others.
  • Places a high value on accurate and precise work product.
  • Focuses on how you can resolve or prevent a problem you face rather than make excuses and cast blame.
  • Values learning and improvement.
  • For Attorney Positions, the ideal candidate identifies with the above and has 2 to 5 years of experience…
    • In-house land or legal at an exploration and production company, or Writing title opinions,
    • As a field landman preparing run sheets or abstracts of title,
    • As an administrative law judge / hearings examiner at Texas Railroad
      Commission, Oklahoma Corporation Commission, or New Mexico Oil Conservation Division,
    • As an energy litigator, but looking for a change of scenery.

Why This Role Matters

Your role matters because your effort will directly correlate to the success of the law firm, and thereby positively impact the careers of your co-workers and your clients, in addition to your own.

When you deliver excellence…
To a client company, you play a direct role in meeting their strategic objectives, and therefore in their success. Timely work product enables drill schedules to move forward, preventing costly delays; it may mean creating the opportunity for wells or acquisitions that might otherwise have been shelved for complications, or protecting the client from unforeseen legal risk.

To a client employee, you play a direct and positive role in that person’s professional advancement. Your ability to deliver timely and accurate legal guidance allows the client to focus on creating value and overall project success. Consistent value creation and project success over time facilitate career advancement. The leveraged positive impact extends to the families and communities they
support. Your efforts are a key component of this process.

You support the firm’s growth. This creates professional opportunities for both the team and you as an individual.


Your primary external responsibilities will be to deliver legal advice in the form of title opinions and legal memoranda on oil and gas title, operational, and regulatory law issues that arise in the course of conducting exploration and production activities.

Holliday Energy Law Group follows the Rockefeller Habits and operates on a quarterly planning cycle. For an entire day each quarter, we gather as a team with our professional coach to review our performance over the last 90 days and establish billable, process improvement, and other targets for the firm to achieve in the coming 90 days. Each firm-wide priority that we establish is supported by individual priorities, which are drafted and executed by the individual team members. Internally, you will play a role in the planning and execution of these priorities.

Performance Metrics/KPIs/Needle Movers for This Role

Your performance will be measured based on the following:

  • Attaining an individual annual billable hour goal.
  • Quality of work product.
  • Achieving individual non-billable quarterly priorities that supporting the firm’s strategic initiatives.