Holliday Energy Law Group Announces the EnergyShip Summit

San Antonio, December 13, 2019: as the oil and gas industry faces another period of unprecedented disruption, the country’s energy leaders will come together to discuss the current state of the industry and plan the future at the EnergyShip Summit to be held in Scottsdale, Arizona on February 27-29, 2020. Attendees will gain access to world-class thought leaders in the fields of AI, data, engineering, markets, and leadership to develop actionable insights and enhance their ability to lead and win in the exponential future of oil and gas, as well as build a community of networked, future-minded leaders across the industry.


“Just over the horizon, change is coming in the oil and gas industry,” says attorney, Ben Holliday, founder of Holliday Energy Law Group. “We have a choice, oil and gas leaders can seize the once-in-a-generation gift of being in the industry at this time or cede that advantage to our competition. The EnergyShip Summit will ensure that forward-looking conversations take place before the storm arrives, connecting future leaders and providing them with an unbiased look at what the future of oil and gas looks like, and to offer the necessary leadership tools in a world-class setting that promotes focus and creativity; rather than a dim-lit conference room close to home.”


Speakers include:


  1. The Data Revolution in Oil & Gas: Allen Gilmer, founder of Enverus, the premier data-company in oil and gas, formerly DrillingInfo is one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs in oil and gas outside of the operational space and will bring insight into how the exponential application of data will reshape what is possible in the industry.


  1. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Exploration & Production: Ehsan Davani, P.E. at QRI is a reservoir engineering team lead on the leading edge of the application of AI and machine learning to reservoir engineering and E&P operations. Dr. Davani will review the current state of play for AI/Machine Learning for oil and gas operations and provide insight on how operators will be able to leverage AI/Machine Learning to create competitive advantage over the next decade.


  1. The Future of U.S. Onshore Operations: Efe Ejofodomi, PE from Schlumberger, is a recognized expert on well-spacing and density. He will illustrate how the well density variable drives basin economics and focus on how this defines the scope of U.S. onshore development; i.e. how many wells can be drilled on a tract of land. Spacing wells too closely together (the parent-child issue), has emerged as one of the central problems faced by operators in any shale basin. The answer will radically shape the ultimate economics of any development. Efe brings authoritative insight into how Schlumberger sees the challenge and will provide insight into what the U.S. domestic playing field will look like — which basins will see their estimated productive capacity shrink, and which will not.


  1. Mineral Markets: Will Cullen VP of LongPoint, one of the largest institutional mineral owners in the United States will provide deep and valuable insight on where the oil and gas industry is headed from a strategic (i.e. long-term) investor and mineral owner’s perspective.


  1. Public and Private Capital Markets: David Ramsden-Wood has emerged as a principal thought leader in the oil and gas space, particularly for his ability to synthesize public data to provide a deeper understanding of the financial health and operational execution of oil and gas companies. Now a principal at Prevail Energy and investor at large, Mr. Ramsden-Wood advises energy firms on business development and acquisition integration, reservoir and completions engineering, asset development plans and strategy, investor relations, financial modeling, and leadership development. He has served in the C-Suite on a number of successful E&P management teams and is an author and podcaster. Tens of thousands read his #hottakeoftheday each day on LinkedIn.


  1. Entrepreneurship in the Oil & Gas Industry: Warren Rustand brings extensive background of public and private leadership to the EnergyShip Summit and says, “Leadership is about change. It’s about transformation and altering the state of what is.”  Warren will provide attendees with the tools they need to lead in an exponential environment.
  2. Ethics in an Exponential Industry: Rules V. Principles: In his own words, Andrew Fastow says “Enron keeps happening.” Andy Fastow – former CFO of Enron discusses why this occurs, and why it is vital to follow the principles of ethics v. the rules at the time in any business environment, particularly when what is possible outpaces what is regulated. Attendees will have an opportunity for Q&A.


“Ever since the Rockefeller days our industry has been volatile and chaotic, while facing endless obstacles. Those who embrace change and adapt to unstable market forces will be the leaders to ultimately disrupt the industry and come out ahead,” adds Holliday. “As a former landman in the Barnett and Eagle Ford Shale plays, and now representing exploration and production companies in their operations across the United States, I’ve seen this pattern play out repeatedly. The constraints and assumptions from 5-10 years ago are no longer valid due to innovation. Supercharged by the application of data and technology, the pace of change is about go exponential for all aspects of the industry. The prepared will thrive, and the rest will be irrelevant.”


The EnergyShip Summit will take place at the Mountain Shadows Resort in Scottsdale, AZ during spring training for 15 Major League Baseball teams. Sign up at: https://EnergyShipsummit.com



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